Search Engine Optimization

Every day visitors are searching products that you may be able to sell. Don’t let your competitors make the sale instead of you!

Promoting your web site – both online and offline is imperative to ensure your website’s complete success. Interestingly, this also happens to be the most neglected aspect of any web development process. Over the Internet, your investment in a website will go as far as showing you negligible returns, if no one can find your site.

At TIS we help you to optimize your website to reach out to the most relevant audience. We feel that, the fastest way to attract traffic to your website is to, register it with major search engines and directories. Currently there are hundreds of these search engines and directories on the Net. Proper optimization and submission ensure the best visibility in many of these search engines and directories.

Moreover the competition for top placement in the search engines and Internet directories is unbelievable. Millions of people are competing for a handful of positions. Today, there are many companies that provide registrations to such search engines, for a charge offcourse. But mostly these companies rely on automatic submission softwares, for this process. We have with our experience found automatic submission softwares to be unreliable. This is precisely why at TIS we prefer to personally enter all the information about your website and about your company. A complete meticulous process is found to demonstrate far better results than mere automated submissions.

Search engine optimization is an ongoing process due to the ever-changing requirements of the search engines.

  • Keyword research
  • Copywriting and keyword placement
  • Website Traffic anaytics and keyword research
  • website submission into differnt online platoforms i.e. directories, forums and blogs.