Our Process

Request an NDA| Beginning of Collaboration

Establishing trust is paramount in any relationship, RNF Technologies understands the power of information and ensures everything that is shared with us, is protected by a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) signed by RNF Technologies and the client. We guard your ideas and insights as if they were our own.

Proposal| Defining the scope and deliverables

We have seen projects miss deadlines, pre-defined budgets and working relationships going up in flames. The learning we got from it, is to always define the scope of the project and final deliverable before hand. This not only ensures there is no misunderstanding at a later stage but also a timely delivery within the stipulated budget.

Agreement| A mere formality

Once all the questions have been answered and all the details are agreed upon, it is time to sign the Agreement and start bringing ideas to life.

Consulting| Development and Marketing Strategy

A long-term strategy plays a key role in determining the overall success of any application and we will be by your side guiding you along the way as a standalone service or as part of the development cycle.

Analysis| Requirements and Business Analysis

Our expert software engineers analyze the details of your project:

  • Challenge your requirements analysis
  • Understand your business goals
  • Classify requirements to make analysis efficient (operational requirements, functional requirements and technical requirements)
  • Present the best possible solution inline with your business strategy

Prototyping| Mock designs and Interaction Program

We create design mock-ups and interaction programs for your application:

  • These mock ups are great for comparing the end solution with project specifications.
  • You now have a clear idea of the resulting application, which you can accept in its entirety or request changes to it.